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African German Health Association e.V.
The African German Health Association e.V. emerged in 2020 from an initiative of German companies with the aim of sustainably strengthening the digital and physical infrastructure in Africa together with local actors. All projects are based on a multi-stakeholder approach.
In doing so, the association benefits from the many years of experience and expertise of its partners in Germany and in Africa, which are reflected through the following pillars of activity:


A functioning and efficiently built infrastructure is the basis for an effective health sector that is consequently able to serve citizens from all strata through private and public health facilities. The members of the association include experts from the fields of public and private health, medical technology planning, design, architecture and turn-key project development.

Skilled personnel

The association concentrates on the education and training of medical professionals. This includes, for example, the training of (bio-medical) technicians and end users on medical equipment, the training of physiotherapists, hospital managers and ICT specialists. The focus is on the further training of existing personnel to ensure the quality of work as well as the training of future experts to create new jobs.

Physical infrastructure

Standardisation of digital communication across individual health facilities and countries is the key to success in the digitisation of the health care sector. The members of the association have long-standing competences in core areas of digital infrastructure, including standardised communication protocols, the introduction of digital patient records and the general development as well as integration of software solutions.

Medical engineering

As a sub-sector of the physical infrastructure, medical technology forms the working basis for the successful deployment of doctors and nursing staff. On average, 70% of medical equipment in Africa is not maintained or is inadequately maintained. The association has access to experts who have many years of experience with medical technology, including installation, maintenance and repairs.
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The African German Health Association e.V. declared aim is to align its activities and processes with responsibility and care in particular with regard to the following areas in accordance with its Safeguards and Gender Guidelines:
  • Environmental protection
  • Climate change (mitigation and adaptation)
  • Conflict and context sensitivity
  • Human rights
  • Gender equality
  • World peace and international understanding
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